finding out if network-manager has published online/offline status?

Alexander Sack asac at
Mon Nov 3 12:21:11 UTC 2008

On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 07:13:22AM -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> hi,
> i just reported a bug on evolution
> ( that,
> on  reflection, i think might actually be a network-manager bug.  The
> symptom in evolution is a hang while pinging imap server, which occurs
> on laptop wakeup.  thinking about it, probably the problem isthat
> network-manager isn't reporting the online status accurately, or there's
> a reace condition between evolution's pinging and network-manager's
> reporting.  (though even so it seems to me that the ping process
> shouldn't cause evolution to hang the way it does!).  Anyway, i'm
> wondering if i can somehow monitor network-manager to see if it's
> reporting its offline status in the way that evolutin expects it to.
> Thanks for the help!

Does nm-tool provide you enough info?

Anyway, maybe this can be improved in NM, but at least evolution
shouldn't hang in any case. If it does it's clearly an evolution bug.

 - Alexander

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