Should default keyboard be based on location?

Yannick Gingras ygingras at
Sun May 25 23:33:39 UTC 2008

Blaise Alleyne <balleyne at> writes:

> Hmmm, well, I'm Canadian, but I have and have always had a US English
> keyboard. I think in this specific case, the "Canadian" layout may
> only be relevant for Quebec (i.e. English/French keyboards). I may be
> wrong, but I've never used anything but a US English keyboard in
> Toronto.

That is indeed a more of a problem in Québec since it's impossible to
type French with the US layout.  Many keyboards are sold with the US
layout printed on but people configure their computer to use the
Canadian layout (aka Qc, not the same as Canadian-multilingual).  I'm
typing this on a keyboard with the US layout printed on that I
configured as Canadian.

As Markus pointed out, most people can't write their name with the US

Yannick Gingras

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