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Fri May 16 18:34:20 UTC 2008


that makes it harder to read
> why?
>> please don't top-post

Am Freitag 16 Mai 2008 18:11:23 schrieb Fergal Daly:
> Saying that I must install a browser to install mplayer-plugin is like
> saying you I must install an MP3 player to install an mp3 library.

hm... depends is there, if the package just won't provide anything useful w.o. 
the dependency getting installed. There seems to be a use-case here to have 
the package w.o. anything else installed. Most people will still want to 
install the dependency. That's what Recommends is for (which *wohoo* will now 
get drawn in by default in intrepid). -> seems like everything is there in 
the bug report :).

> I spotted an argument that it won't be uninstalled when the last
> browser is uninstalled. How is that handled for libraries?

apt-get autoremove can do this nowadays, so it's a non-argument.

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