Strip incompatible characters from Windows partitions!

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Fri May 16 10:06:55 UTC 2008

Il giorno ven, 16/05/2008 alle 11.42 +0200, Milan Bouchet-Valat ha
> Hope Ubuntu is more modest than you appear to see it. Serve the user,
> not the ideal technology you dream of in which every character is
> supported in filenames. 

I keep a copy of my working files in an usb pen. This is FAT because I
want to access it from every machine with an usb hole, and my working
files (including bzr and hg repositories) are in a subdirectory. I
expect that this use case is very common among ubuntu users nowadays and
the default behaviour is the only one that does not get in the way. In
any case, windows handling of file names has always been broken. You can
create files from the command prompt or via FTP that make a whole mess
in the graphical file manager.These are bugs in windows. 

An improvement could perhaps be having a default behavior of warning
users only if windows boot files are present in the root of the disk.


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