Bug madness: High frequency of load/unload cycles

Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-devel at pileofstuff.org
Tue May 13 21:58:58 UTC 2008

How about a script that does some sort of binary search for the ideal
amount of time?

So it would start off by setting `hdparm -B 128`, then wait 10 minutes,
check whether there's been more than $CYCLE_MAX cycles, do `hdparm -B
64` or -B 192, then start over again.  If the script finished with a
value of 255, it could then warn the user that there was something
seriously wrong with their HDD.  With a range of 0..254, you could find
a good number this way in 80 minutes.

This is obviously just a more rigorous version of the workaround, but if
the workaround is what people trust, it does no harm to do it right.

	- Andrew

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