Ubiquity - setting a separate /home by default

David Prieto frandavid100 at gmail.com
Tue May 13 19:51:29 UTC 2008

Hi again,

> > Ubiquity can now install onto a partition that has an existing home
> > directory without deleting it. It just removes the system directories.

Do you have to do anything special for that to work? I usually keep
my /home in a separate partition, but I have another partition with some
spare gigs to try Intrepid. This morning I reinstalled Ubuntu in that
partition and it destroyed the previous /home folder.

> This is indeed exactly the reason we haven't offered a prominent option
> of a separate /home; our partition management tools just aren't smooth
> enough to cope when (not if) people make the wrong choice for relative
> sizes.

Actually, the user won't have to make a choice at all. Do you think a
good choice for an average user could be made automatically depending on
the disk's size and free space? Because that's what I'm proposing.

If you have lots of free space (enough to ensure that it'll be very difficult
to fill / up, and that /home will be big enough that these few missing gigs
will be negligible), the installer will recommend you to make a separate
partition. If space is tighter, it won't.

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