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Sat May 10 16:20:58 UTC 2008

since hardy (8.04) there is a graphical user interface for DSL/pppoe
connections, see the menu "System/Administration/Network": 
- select "Point to point connection" and start "Properties" dialog
- choose "Connection type" as "PPPoE" and configure your connection...

Best Greetings, Roman Friesen

Am Donnerstag, den 08.05.2008, 13:12 +0530 schrieb shashank Agarwal:
> hi 
> i am shashank from india ,, and ubuntu lover.
> i love this software..would you just try out to get latest yahoo
> messenger to work on ubuntu.and also Gtalk.and also try coping in wid
> the latest MS-office 2007 coz some of my applications aren,t workin in
> it..
> also please provide a Graphical User Interface for configuring my DSL
> (pppoe) connection . it  took a lot of time understandin how to do
> that coz in other linux versions its very easy..
> we wud be highly obliged 
> from
> shashank agarwal
> address- tulsi ashram, massoodabad, aligarh-202001, U.P., India
> tel no.-0091-9927293307
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