Some fundamental usability issues

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu May 8 13:40:33 UTC 2008

Il giorno gio, 08/05/2008 alle 20.28 +0800, John McCabe-Dansted ha
> If we define a users work as a user's typing, we could easily save
> this permanently.

Not quite :) What if I "type" in a video editor and save a changed
600mb .avi file? We should record input instead of changed data, but
that's way out of scope for a versioning filesystem.

Thinking of a prototype, I like the ease of use of bzr, do some of you
know if it can host non-linear revision trees in a single directory,
allowing to switch from one to another using tags?  I tried git and it
does it easily, but git does not seem to handle directories (e.g. adding
an empty directory seems to have no effect).


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