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Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-devel at
Thu May 8 00:35:50 UTC 2008

Okay, I've got the auction part of the dash adventure completed.  In
principle, the rest should be relatively easy.  The code isn't vastly
useful or commented so far, it's just a proof of concept really.

The script doesn't prune unlikely matches (e.g. socat+ssh when ssh is
already provided), because that doesn't work in the general case: say
there are two pipelines, a->b->c and a->c->b.  If a->b->c fails, it
could be due to a problem in a, b, c, or some interaction between the
three.  Without knowing more about the error, we can't assume that
a->c->b will fail.  Here's a rough guide to the script:

* Right now, the script reads bids from remote_help.txt, but will
  eventually take bids by polling a separate set of module scripts

* A module script is run with a to-be-decided set of command line
  arguments.  I'm currently thinking it'll be something like: --want remote-shell --remoteuser andrew \

  this will have to be decided as modules are written - there'll
  doubtless be some rules, some precedents, and some totally
  protocol-specific things

* Modules that sub-contract part of the job will be assumed to handle
  subcontracts internally (it's just a matter of calling
  again with the appropriate arguments)

* Every module is polled in every auction.  Inapplicable scripts will
  return no bids, bids with a variety of subcontractors will return
  multiple bids

* A bid is a line printed on standard output, of the form:

  <integer> <command line>

  The integer is the bid, the remainder of the line is a command to pass
  to /bin/sh

* The highest bidder is repeatedly run until a bidder returns
  successfully (note: currently, all bids are run)

* This would have been a lot easier if I could rely on `sort` and `head`

How should we proceed with this?  Set up some space on Sourceforge?  Do
you have any better ideas for names than "remote help"?

	- Andrew
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