Four crashes, no apport actions

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Wed May 7 12:36:40 UTC 2008

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Thomas Novin wrote:
> Hello
> I just now had four crashes. First was emerald. Noticed that my borders
> was missing. Manually restarted it via terminal with 'emerald --replace
> &'. It crashed again. Started it a third time and then it worked.
> Noticed segfault in syslog.
> Second was Evolution. I got a popup telling me "The Evolution memo has
> quit unexpectedly. Your memos will not be available until Evolution is
> restarted.". This caused some kind of problem for the desktop because I
> could not click on anything. I eventually found out that I could use the
> keyboard so I was able to use the keyboard to OK the popup and shutdown
> Evolution. Then it was back to normal again.
> Third crash just after was Firefox. Started it, entered a location and
> it just disappeared while the page was loading.
> Fourth was Seahorse. Synced my keys and wasn't responding.
> This caused Seahorse to crash and I could see a segfault in syslog.
> On neither of these four crashes apport kicked in. Why is that?
> Rgds

Apport is only used during development, it's turned off in final release.

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