Suggestion to make remote recovery easier

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Wed May 7 03:37:41 UTC 2008

This doesn't change the ideas of remote recovery ata ll, you simply need to use key-based authentication, which you listed in your first draft already.

I also think it might be a good idea to check is SSH is running, and if not run it on an abnormal (higher) port.

Also taking advantage of the reverse SSH tunnel will ease the NAT/Firewall issue.  For that matter, the "newbie" system could allow SSH connections only from localhost (which would be the most secure process), leaving you only with the need to secure the "helpers" system/service.

Justin M. Wray

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Based on this evidence, does anybody object to a bug report being filed
against openssh-server, saying that password authentication should be
disabled by default?  Of course, that leaves all my ideas in serious
trouble, but that's a secondary matter.

	- Andrew

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