Got Hardy? With Sound?

Daniel Hahler ubuntu+lists at
Sun Mar 30 14:36:13 BST 2008

Conrad Knauer wrote:

> Today I noticed a short post:
> ---
> Sound fix for Heron
> After checking out several possible solutions to my sound problems in
> Hardy Heron, I finally found one that worked for me. Fortunately, it
> was pretty easy to carry out, too. Just went to Synaptic and installed
> Linux-386 and rebooted.  I hope this helps somebody out there and
> saves them hours of looking through the forums. Not really sure why
> the Linux-386 kernel was missing, but why look a gift horse in the
> mouth?
> ---
> Care to try installing the linux-386 package and booting into it from
> the GRUB menu to see what happens? :)

I think that he may have had installed the 386 kernel image already, but
was missing the kernel modules..

This could have happened e.g. when installing virtualbox-ose (because it
pulled in the 386 kernel image, but not the modules; see

In that case, it would be better to remove the 386 kernel image and use
the generic one again.

Anyway, linux-generic is better on most machines than linux-386.

You can check which kernel image you're using with "uname -r".



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