Unneeded System Tools menu

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Mon Mar 31 16:42:10 UTC 2008

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> We will likely move some other things back there if we continue to use
> the category. The comments there are interesting though. Why do you
> think it's an issue? Do you find confusing to have the category unmasked
> and containing only one item if you install vmware for example?
This would be less of a problem for me, since as Timo said, users that
install such programs are likely not to be afraid by system stuff. 

Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> I think the confusion is in the naming.  We have a "System" menu and
> "System..." submenu now.  The suggestion that it be renamed to simply
> "Tools" makes sense to me.
The expression "System" is not the only, nor the main problem: adding a
submenu when you only have 7 of them is a major change in Applications.

For now, this menu is very nice and only contains "productive" apps, not
tools. In a day-to-day use, users won't need this system tools, however
you may name them - I like the idea of separating clearly these
categories of programs. And "Tools" already exists, if you don't go this
way: it's called "Accessories".

If you agree we should do something, here is short list of options:

- the easiest may be to move g-s-m to Accessories and hwtest to

- another more complex approach could be to create a submenu in
Administration called System Tools or something like that, so it would
not annoy us when we want to work and not administrate the system. This
would work on a long-term outlook, since we can completely remove the
System Tools menu from Applications.

[- Almost out of topic: we could hide hwtest-gtk and instead use
gnome-device-manager with a button to start hwtest, like we used to do.
This tool would be useful (no way of getting hardware infos ATM) and
could go to Administration.]

The constant moving of items between the menus is IMHO the result of
the fact that we don't really know what do to with them: no perfect
scheme has been found so far. Hope we may find the right one. 

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