Tux Paint on Gutsy

Michael Petit kzkydh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 12:25:28 UTC 2008

I have Gutsy running on 2 HP x4000's. Both clients have 2-2.4Ghz CPUs
and 4GB memory. My 5 year old loves the Tux Paint program. The first
client has Vista as the host OS and Gutsy running on top of VMWare
Server -- Tux Paint works great. I just rebuild my 5 year olds client
(the second X4000) from Vista to Ubuntu as the base OS (to give here
the OS she likes best). When I try to install the Tux Paint package, I
get an error stating the the package either has a conflict or is not
supported on the hardware. I cannot find the conflict and I know the
hardware is supported. Any ideas?


Michael Petit

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