Unneeded System Tools menu

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 31 12:19:50 UTC 2008

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 11:48 AM, Milan <nalimilan at club.fr> wrote:
> In Hardy, all applications that don't really manage system-wide or user
> settings were moved from System->Preferences and ->Administration to
> Applications->System Tools.
> This is a good idea as a general rule since previously both
> configuration menus were bloated by numerous tools. But in the default
> install, adding a System Tools menu in Applications in not
> user-friendly. The two only tools that appear there are hwtest-gtk and
> gnome-system-monitor: these are not likely to be used by the base user;
> furthermore, their use is very different from that of most applications,
> i.e. editing documents, and so on.
> So I suggest we choose either to put g-s-m and back to
> System->Administration, or we hide its icon, adding elsewhere a way to
> start it (a keyboard shortcut?), and the sme for hwtest-gtk. We may
> consider short-term and long-term solutions to this, because the current
> situation is IMHO not very good.
> This was already raised in this bug (with one duplicate):
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-monitor/+bug/205190

I agree that the current solution is badly presented. The problem for
me is that we already have a "System" menu, so it's inelegant in the
extreme to show the user a "System Tools" menu under the Applications
menu. A better solution in my opinion would be to move the
Applications -> System Tools submenu to a System -> Tools submenu.

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