Got Hardy? With Sound?

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at
Fri Mar 28 19:53:11 UTC 2008

Jerone Young wrote:
> I think I am seeing a similar problem in Hardy. It appears to have
> something to do with gstream.
> 1) If i use any app that uses gstreamer (rhythmbox) , then I can no
> longer hear sound out of flash or vlc.
> 2) When using flash or vlc .. I can nolonger hear anything from
> gstreamer enabled apps (rhythmbox).
> I believe gstreamer is trying to get complete control of the sound
> deivce.. no idea yet. I figured I would do a better analysis of this
> over the weekend.
GStreamer normally automatically detects which sound output is the best
to use - it may be wrong here, and for example use alsa instead of
PulseAudio, thus blocking the whole sound system. But this scenario
would imply that PulseAudio is not started first...

Anyway, you can run 'gstreamer-properties', which will allow you to
select manually sound outputs. Just try every proposed sink, and see
what happens with each case. You may also want to check whether
PulseAudio is started at all! ;-)

Hope this helps

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