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Thu Mar 27 16:13:26 UTC 2008

On 3/27/08, Jim Campbell <jwcampbell at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I'd first like to start off this e-mail by announcing the Xubuntu
> community meeting was a *huge* success. We had roughly two dozen people take
> part (including old, current, and new faces) and a number of other
> individuals who sent in e-mails or left a quick IRC message to let us know
> that they were unable to attend but would be following up with much
> interest. After just under an hour of constructive discussion led by Jono
> Bacon and several free form votes, I'm happy to present following mission
> statement for Xubuntu:
>     "To produce an easy to use distribution, based on Ubuntu, using Xfce
> as the graphical desktop, with a focus on integration, usability and
> performance, with a particular focus on low memory footprint. The
> integration in Xubuntu is at a configuration level, a toolkit level, and
> matching the underlying technology beneath the desktop in Ubuntu. Xubuntu
> will be built and developed as part of the wider Ubuntu community, based
> around the ideals and values of Ubuntu."
> Although 100% consensus was not arrived at, all participating parties did
> agree that it was an acceptable initial mission statement. It was decided
> that Cody Somerville (cody-somerville) would utilize the above mission
> statement to develop a strategy document which would describe how Xubuntu
> would adhere to the agreed mission statement. After which, another meeting
> would be called to discuss and find consensus on the new document.
> Jono then asked the crowd if they felt Xubuntu needed a leader and, if so,
> would it be Cody Somerville. He continued by asking if everyone would be
> happy if Cody lead the project based upon the earlier agreed goals, and if
> everyone felt that Xubuntu would REALLY KICK ARSE with Cody leading the
> project. Besides Jonathon Carter pointing out that Xubuntu already kicked
> arse (seconded by Vincent), everyone agreed that Xubuntu required a leader
> and that they would be happy with Cody Somerville being that leader.
> Finally, Jono asked Cody if he would lead the Xubuntu project. Cody
> agreed.
>     19:40 <jono> in which case we have made three important steps forward
> here:
>     19:40 <jono> 1) picked a leader
>     19:40 <jono> 2) agreed on a general mission statement of goals
>     19:40 <jono> 3) agreed that cody-somerville will develop a strategy
> based on that mission statement
> The meeting was full of energy, motivation, and excitement.  You can read
> the full log at
> http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/03/26/%23ubuntu-meeting.html between hours
> 1900 and 2000 or at
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Xubuntu_2008-03-26.
> If you weren't able to make it out to this meeting, be sure to catch the
> next one!  We will announce the meeting time once Cody has had a chance to
> prepare the strategy document.  Until that time, please feel free to join us
> in #xubuntu-devel.

Jim, thanks for writing this up. I was supposed to do that but Cody and I
couldn't get the Gobby connection up last night, so I wanted to do it today,
but I just arrived home and saw you had already done so.

I think this needs a little more emphasis:

    19:40 <jono> 3) agreed that cody-somerville will develop a strategy
based on that mission statement

Those general goals were just that, *general* goals. No priority is assigned
to one issue over the other, it's just that all of these were considered
good points to focus on with Xubuntu.

> Jim

On 3/27/08, Eero Tamminen <oak at helsinkinet.fi> wrote:
> "19:30   cody-somerville IMHO, I don't think we have the expertise to have
> a
> focus on performance."
> I can help here.  I don't run Xubuntu myself currently, but I have a lot
> of
> experience on this area (what tools to use, when and how to interpret
> the results), please use it.

If you could set up objective benchmarking tools, I think the Xubuntu
project could greatly benefit.

For now I think we should wait for Cody to come up with a strategy and the
following meeting, but this could be extremely useful.

Cheers, and again, congrats to Cody,
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