Got Hardy? With Sound?

Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Mar 27 03:20:06 UTC 2008

Op dinsdag 25-03-2008 om 00:32 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef
(=?utf-8?q?=60=60-=5F-=C2=B4=C2=B4?=) -- Fernando:
> On Saturday 22 March 2008 03:42:01 Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
> > Skype doesn't work with PulseAudio, period. That's been documented.
> > But are you running Hardy and otherwise getting sound?
> Not sure now, if I had it working with ALSA or PA, but its working.

Skype is simply broken in the way it accesses sound devices (if it
works, that's an accident).

Jan Claeys

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