Comprehensive Disk Management GUI

Evan eapache at
Wed Mar 26 00:22:02 UTC 2008

I have noticed a huge number of ideas on Ubuntu Brainstorm for different
disk management utilities, all of which are slightly related, but not enough
to be considered duplicates. These can all really be summed up into one
configuration GUI, and I have created a brainstorm for it at

My proposal for the layout is something like this:

Tab 1: Free Space
-integrate Baobab (and remove it from the applications menu)
-create an extensible disk cleaner with default plugins for emptying the
trash, clearing the firefox cache, deleting old logfiles (using policykit),

Tab 2: Health
-allow setting frequency of fsck, so an option something like:
  [x]Automatically check my disks every [35] boots.
-a button for immediately checking all filesystems
-S.M.A.R.T. integration

Tab 3: Backup
-a scheduled backup utility that can image the entire disk or zip certain
folders using cron.
-allow creating multiple backup 'profiles' for advanced scheduling
-incremental backup would be nice, but probably difficult

Tab 4: Advanced
-integrate the partition editor from the installer, and enhance it to allow
fstab editing as well

The exact implementation of the above features is up for debate, but the
concept of a unified disk management utility is far more important. As far
as I know, no other operating system has a such a utility, so it would put
Ubuntu clearly in the lead in this area. It could also be a candidate for
the 'main feature' for 8.10 (like compiz-fusion was for 7.10). What does
everybody think of putting something like this in Ubuntu?

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