Got Hardy? With Sound?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Sat Mar 22 03:38:49 UTC 2008

Jonathan Jesse spake thusly:

>> Yes I do, in fact w/ Gutsy I had to setup ALSA myself (using Kubuntu w/
> KDE4) having no problems with my Intel Sound Card. 

I'm talking about Hardy in this case.

> It was always a pain to remember to rebuild ALSA manually.

Rebuild from source? That shouldn't be necessary.

But now we have PulseAudio in the mix and every distro I've used lately 
(I'm an OS junkie) that utilizes PulseAudio has presented teh same 
problem. No sound.

However, Mandriva does include (bu default) separate audio controls for 
PulseAudio. As of a week ago, they were not part of the default install 
in Hardy (I don't know if that has changed since then). I had to install 
them manually.

However, they didn't help, either.

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