Rhythmbox & Sound Juicer : some thoughts about the extracting audio CD functionality in Ubuntu & suggestions to improve it

George Farris farrisg at cc.mala.bc.ca
Mon Mar 17 15:50:52 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 19:00 +0100, thibaut bethune wrote:
> I'd like to discuss the way Ubuntu deals with the "extracting audio CD" task
>  - Ubuntu 7.10 and before : inserting an audio CD launchs Sound Juicer
>  (according to the nome-volume-properties GUI)
>  - Ubuntu 8.04 hardy alpha 6 : inserting an audio CD launchs Rhythmbox.
>  I'm in favor of Rhythmbox for performing that task.
>  BUT, the Ubuntu Hardu alpha 6 situation could be improved in 3 ways :
>  1°) Sound Juicer should be removed from Hardy since Rhythmbox is the
>  default system application to extract music from CD - no need for
>  cluttering Applications menu.
>  See Bug #202593 in sound-juicer (Ubuntu) on Launchpad
>  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sound-juicer/+bug/202593
>  2°) When inserting and audio CD, Rhythmbox should be launched with the
>  GUI that shows the "Extract" button.

Yes, now assume the user has turned off the auto mount of the audio cd,
goes to the menu to find a way to extract it.

In 7.10 and before they find "CD Extractor", ah that must be it.
In 8.04 they will find ????, hmm doesn't seem to be a way to do this
anymore, what the ^*&&*^^%, why do they always dick with the system just
when I get used to it.

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