Bug and discussion about ubuntu menu

Ouattara Oumar Aziz (alias wattazoum) wattazoum at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 19:22:04 UTC 2008

Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
> I read what you explained in the bug report, and here are a few remarks.
> Clarifying the confusion around Preferences & Administration is IMHO a
> good idea, since every base user seems to have problems with it.
> Naming them "User Preferences" and "System Administration" can be nice
> since it's not too hard to change. Though, notice that the parent menu
> is already named "System", so let's not end up with jokes like Start ->
> Stop in Windows. If in "System" you have "System Administration" and
> "User Preferences", this means that "User Preferences" is not a system
> setting, and thus should not be there in the menu. This can look like a
> detail, but IMHO it's important that we think of consistency. These
> strings are also very long, and may not look nice. Maybe you could
> simply rename them to "User Preferences" and "Administration", the
> latter makes it quite clear that we're dealing with "hard"
> configuration. Here I don't have a real solution, just some advice. ;-)

I thought about renaming "Preferences" to "My Preferences" because "User 
preferences" might be a very long label for some language.

> Please also take care of not doing this change alone - you're aware of
> that since you asked the list. This should be discussed with GNOME,
> since they have the same issue. Moreover, PolicyKit is going to add many
> changes in this domain, and maybe the distinction system-wide/user-only
> will disappear soon. This will be a real problem while we are migrating,
> and I'm glad you're caring about this now. Maybe the best solution would
> be a single Control Center, which already exists. So please see this in
> a long-term outlook, changes are likely to happen in the newt months.

This is indeed true. I remember the Gnome Control Center were introduced 
to replace those two menu sets in feisty then removed after a few days. 
I think the reason was that a lot of people found that it was slower to 
access a menu item this way.

A more professional solution would be to merge the configurations GUIs 
and use policy kit to hide System Wide tasks. But this takes time. I am 
really wondering if we shouldn't study this solution. Have a single GUI 
for Printing but hide some options using policy kit ...
I'll think more clearly about this and I shall write here :-)

> About renaming the configuration items to emphasize ("Set" and
> "Modify")/("Manage", "System", "Global"), please don't do this! I just
> managed to remove every piece of unneeded text there, and these
> expressions are really useless: if the menu description is clear enough,
> you know what you want to do, and you're just looking for the domain
> (printing, screen...) you want to configure. Everything else is bloating
> the menu - and will ask much work that cannot be unified in one package.
> And a detail: why do you make a so large list of packages to be
> affected? gnome-menu should be (almost) the only one.

well, this list was because I considered changing some menus entries by 
prepending "Set", "Modify", "Manage" . But I won't do it for the reasons 
you gave above.

> Just some (long) thoughts - good luck, it's not an easy issue

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