System Presence Integration Idea

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at
Thu Mar 13 21:48:20 UTC 2008

Chris Warburton wrote:
> Hi thanks for the input. I realise that such a proposal is quite open
> ended, thus I tried to split it into relatively clear steps to go
> through to try and prevent both blue sky designing and worrying about
> issues that end up not appearing in the implementation.
> I think stage 1, the discussion, should be a quite technical discussion,
> ie. throw some ideas into the aether and decide which of those is
> possible. My own train of thought was about having Telepathy running as
> a central, standard system to use for presence. Presence would cover
> general key:value type data, ie. Location:Home, Status:Busy, Activity:On
> The Phone, etc. (those are just examples). There may need to be an
> agreed upon standard for the naming here, if multiple programs and
> desktop environments are going to use it.
IMHO what you need is a central daemon that only performs a few actions
and communicated via D-BUS. You just have to set a D-BUS protocol so
that programs can set/get the state: Telepathy can set it, but also
retreive it when starting - this way the daemon can test some system
parameters and decide of a certain state automatically depending on the
network, on the battery...

Maybe gnome-session could be the place to do so. And network settings
has a profile management that you could integrate.

Just ideas...


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