System Presence Integration Idea

Ted Gould ted at
Thu Mar 13 19:07:08 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-12 at 17:38 +0000, Chris Warburton wrote:
> To me such an idea would take 3 stages to implement:
> 1) Discussion and brainstorming of possible use cases throughout the
> system
> 2) Building the infrastructure needed to enable such cases (Dbus as far
> as I can tell)
> 3) Creation/modification of interfaces for users to control them

I think that this is an interesting topic, and one that we do need to
solve for the desktop.

I think that one thing that needs to be in your list, 1a perhaps, is
looking at the way that people think about their status.  For instance,
when I'm at work I really don't want my buddies sending me pictures from
the party over the weekend.  But, e-mail from my boss probably had less
importance while I was at those parties.

I know that in the spec you mentioned gathering such information from
the WiFi hotspot being used, which is interesting.  I'm curious if that
is enough.  Also, how much configurability would someone want?  Status
on every IM network for every hotspot seems like a crazy matrix.


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