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My idea is to have an Opereting system that sheres computing power.
The idea is that whenever your computer will need computing power it will
take it from all of the other computers
over the internet with the same OS. this way, for example when you will need
to render a movie 1000 computers will
help you render it and the rendering will go as fast as your bandwidth allow
it to go.
because the connection over the internet is not fast enough to prosses small
taskes (until it would be prossed and
sent back, normal computer can prosses it faster) the O/S will use 2 types
of computing power.

1. Local computing power; the computing power of your local computer.
2. P2P computing power; the online computing power, to process long tasks
(ex; loading games, rendering etc...)

the system will also have a ratio for computing power, exactly like emule or
other P2P programs, to get a lot of
computing power you will have to shere as well. this way big companies or
lechers that needs lot's of computing power
not to have it all the time and slow all the others down.

that's the basic idea,
I'm not a programmer and not a computer man as well so i don't know how to
do it, or even if it's possible.
but if it is, i'm sure that the Linux community can do it.
Thank you.


If it does help you in some level please email me for feedback.
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