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Soren Hansen soren at
Thu Mar 13 12:40:32 UTC 2008

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 07:29:57AM -0400, Cory K. wrote:
>>> Cory's comment was a bit intemperate, but I feel your response was
>>> not at all helpful and that it really minimized Cory's extensive
>>> contributions to Ubuntu developmen.
>> But it's cool for Cory to flame doko because Cory's a developer?
>> Interesting.
> If you think that was a flame then I would say you're a tad sensitive.

I'm sure you meant it as a helpful and friendly assessment of the
quality of the work of one of our fellow developers..</sarcasm>

> It comes down to why would a package be uploaded at this stage in the
> cycle that renders systems unbootable?

Remind me: At exactly which stage in the cycle is it appropriate to
wilfully upload things to Ubuntu that renders systems unbootable?

> I could completely see if this were months ago but a day before beta
> freeze? 4 weeks 'till release? I do understand sh*t happens but
> something this major now shouldn't.
> I was mad. I'm human. I'm over it. Time to spend the day rebuilding 3
> machines. ;)

It's funny how your being human seems to excuse you from being
pointlessly difficult towards others when they've exercised their
humanity in an unfortunate way.

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