gnome-panel and Fitt's law?

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at
Sat Mar 8 21:12:48 UTC 2008


is it just me or has something changed in gnome-panel or compiz  that
makes all applets violate the implication of Fitt's law [1] that
clickable button areas should extend to the screen edges?

I'm using gnome panel 1:2.21.92-0ubuntu2 as current in Hardy, the screen
effects are on. With this setting, neither the
Apllications/Places/Systen menu, the Window List, the clock, nor others
are not clickable when I move the mouse right up to the screen border.
The Show Desktop button works in the corner, but not at the edges.

It works as it should when Screen Effects are off.

I have been using compiz for a while now but haven't notice that, and I
am pretty sure I would have, had it been there. I did make a change to
my X configuration, though: I finally thought of removing my old
xorg.conf and reconfigure xorg to make it properly create a minimal one.
(This indeed helped with making dual-monitors work on fglrx.) But it
coincides with the button issue.

Does anyone else see this? It's kind of disturbing, given that Hardy
runs compiz on most graphics cards.


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