Reminders: 1. UI freeze == string freeze, notifications needed for translators. 2. please remember i18n.

Matthew East mdke at
Fri Mar 7 15:27:34 UTC 2008

Hi Scott

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 3:07 PM, Scott James Remnant <scott at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 15:39 +0200, Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> > I'm generally more interested in getting stuff done that following
> > processes that tightly, but for Ubuntu localization to succeed (one
> > thing in the core of Ubuntu philosophy) at the very least
> > notifications about changed/new strings are needed to be sent to
> > ubuntu-translators mailing list.
> >
> Could you describe how package maintainers can identify changed or new
> strings, and how they can find out who/where to notify?

I think the first part of that question is quite unfair - translators
or documenters are not in as good a position to show how to identify
the change in a string as package maintainers are, who are the people
actually making the changes to the strings. Tell me if I've
misunderstood the question, but changing a user visible string strikes
me as being something that can only be done intentionally.

As for where to notify, the procedure is relatively clearly described

In fact, according to the process set out there, it shouldn't be
possible to do an upload without doing the notification, because the
bug report in which the freeze exception request is made is required
to contain a link to the notification in the archive of the -doc and
-translators mailing list. I don't know to what extent that process is
actually enforced though.

Matthew East
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