BitTorrent support in Ubuntu

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at
Tue Mar 4 12:01:17 UTC 2008

> Mentioning the number of features your program has makes your case harder
> to fight to get it included.

I think this was phrased a lot better by Christopher when he said:

It's not so much the number of features your program has, it's more the
> number of options your program exposes

I fully agree. Yes, tonnes of pages which expose complex options which can
easily be pre-decided by the developer aren't great. There are a certain
minimum number of things which need to be exposed publicly, but there are
'better' ways of doing that rather than having two dozen option pages like
Azureus does.

Some of the features i listed above are *backend* features. This are things
in the *backend* which either enhance your ability to download or enhance
compatibility. That can in no way be construed as a bad thing.

There also doesn't seem to be an actual release tarball on [1], either,
> which will make people hesitant to package it in the first place.

Mostly because MonoTorrent is the library, not the gui. They're completely
separate projects. The GUI still has no proper official website[1]. But yes,
your other points are good. A proper bugtracker is needed and all that jazz.
It's kind of funny, people with a windows background like forums, people
with a linux background like mailing lists.

My idea for this was not to say that Monsoon is ready *right now*, but
rather to ask what would need to be changed to make it a *significantly
better* default choice than Transmission so as to warrant it being reviewed
with the aim to replace transmission. After all, there's nothing better for
development than competition. If someone is about to usurp your position,
that's a great incentive to make your application better. And it's a great
drive to improve your application.


[1] I opened one earlier after reading your comment: . Now to start pushing out the data and
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