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Tue Mar 4 02:53:44 UTC 2008


I'd just like to generate a bit of discussion on the choice of Transmission
as the default bittorrent client for Ubuntu. First, i'm the developer of the
C# based MonoTorrent library (X11/MIT License), so I'm probably biased in my
opinions as to what client is best. The bittorent client i'd like to propose
is the GUI for MonoTorrent which was developed as part of the google Summer
of Code. My thoughts are laid out in my blog ( but i'll
put the main text here for ease of reading.

My angle is that MonoTorrent supports everything Transmission does [b]and
significantly more[/b]. Features such as the Fast Peer Extensions,
multi-tracker protocol and UDP Tracker protocol are all great things for end
users which MonoTorrent supports (details linked in blog). The GUI has RSS
integration, cool tagging of downloads into groups, integrates into the
notification area and can monitor a directory to automatically download new
torrents which are placed there. It also has a nice clean interface. Best of
all, in the video[1], which i encourage you to watch, it downloads a Ubuntu
torrent ;)

One issue which i can think some people might raise is that of memory
consumption. All i can say is that i have done extensive work on optimising
MonoTorrent for both memory consumption and CPU usage and am happy that it
is pretty good. Secondly - install size. The current packages i have for
Suse are ~380kB (~600kB installed). This can be reduced by at least 100kB as
outlined in the blogpost.

So, what do ye think?

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