InetBoot for "Fedora/Ubuntu/KNOPPIX/VMKnoppix" is released.

Kuniyasu Suzaki k.suzaki at
Thu Jun 26 09:00:30 UTC 2008

 >>From: "(``-_-´´) -- Fernando" <ubuntu at>
 >>Subject: Re: InetBoot for "Fedora/Ubuntu/KNOPPIX/VMKnoppix" is released.
 >>Olá Kuniyasu e a todos.
 >>On Monday 23 June 2008 23:52:33 Kuniyasu Suzaki wrote:
 >>> InetBoot for "Fedora/Ubuntu/KNOPPIX/VMKnoppix" is released.
 >>> The motto is "Don't download and burn a liveCD. InetBoot boots it from the Internet."
 >>Just to let you know that I tested this and it works great.
 >>Got a pop up error about some preferences on GNOME, but that should be a bug on Ubuntu.

Thank you for trying.
I'm relieved to hear that at least one user tried our InetBoot. :-)

 >>Where can i subscribe to be kept informed about future updates to this kernel images?

I will post the update at this ML.

I planed to discuss InetBoot at BOF of Ottawa Linux Symposium 24/July/2008.
"BOF: OS Circular"


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