Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Wed Jun 25 22:03:26 UTC 2008

Jochen J. Ulbricht wrote:
> Hello,
> I've written a script which asks the user what to do with a created
> pdf-file after printing to cups-pdfprinter.
> open | save | mail | add to collection
> I've written a script which parses the /etc/cups/cusps-pdf config adds
> the PostProcessing variable, too. The only thing I do not know is to
> automate preventing apparmor from stop executing it :(.
> This is no big thing but works for me and I think it would be usefull
> for other Ubuntu-Users.
> So now I would like to publish this. What should I do?

Make a simple small web site describing your program with the source 
tarball for download (give a free software license, like GPL or MIT to 
your code).

If you want to package it for Ubuntu, see the developer part of the 
Debian web site for instructions how to make .deb packages. Use the PPA 
(Personal Package Area) on Lauchpad to make your package downloadable 
and auto-updateable.

How do you make a dialog popping up triggered by CUPS executing a print 
job? DBUS?


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