InetBoot for "Fedora/Ubuntu/KNOPPIX/VMKnoppix" is released.

Kuniyasu Suzaki k.suzaki at
Mon Jun 23 22:52:33 UTC 2008


InetBoot for "Fedora/Ubuntu/KNOPPIX/VMKnoppix" is released.
The motto is "Don't download and burn a liveCD. InetBoot boots it from the Internet."

InetBoot is a bootloader which gets kernel and disk image via Internet
and boots from it. This version boots Linux from a ISO file of
LiveCD(Fedora/Ubuntu/KNOPPIX/VMKnoppix) which is uploaded on a HTTP server. 
The sample bootable CD (6MB) boots:
   2 types of Fedora (9, 8) 
   3 types of Ubuntu (804, 710, 704) 
   4 types of KNOPPIX(531, 511, 501, 402) and 
   5 types of VMKnoppix (Xen: 3.2.0, 3.1.1, 3.1.0,, 3.0.4) 

The detail is mentioned in the English Guide.

# Sample Bootable CD (ISO file 6.3MB)
    MD5: e37dee2e403f0626aef170d3d298a5be
    CAUTION: The included UPLs are temporal service. Please set a URL of ISO file.
# Kernel for GRUB(2.7MB)
    MD5: 1aa5c84793a6b0f18f3fb53aa3f03486
# BuildRoot for GRUB(3.2MB):
    MD5: e10e457c539a64fdd872c3f809340043

Have Fun.


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