docbook-utils dependency

Jim Pryor jim at
Sun Jun 22 20:08:20 UTC 2008

To the Debian XML/SGML Group:

I use the package docbook-utils on Ubuntu Hardy. Your group is listed as
the maintainer. Currently the dependencies of this package include:

    --- lynx | links | w3m

Is it really necessary that one have one of those three specific
browsers? I'd like to use elinks and not have the others installed. I
see that some other packages have dependencies listed like this:

    --- lynx | www-browser

Where www-browser is a virtual package provided by elinks, firefox,
links, w3m, and so on. (This is on Ubuntu; I'm not sure about Debian.)
Would a more general dependency like that be possible for this package
as well?

Thanks for considering the request.

Jim Pryor
jim at

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