Banshee by default in Intrepid

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Mon Jun 9 19:47:52 BST 2008

And there goes another reason why such proposals and suggestions
should be replaced with nice, cute, understandable feature sheet aka
HIG or LSB. People don't like removed features and it should be taken
into account. And it is better to fix application than propose new
replacement. And even if you have to remove some element for
stability/features sake, old features must work as the new ones.

Is there any interest in creating that kind of "LSB for desktop
features" - or is there already something like this? As far as I see,
it would help desktop testing a lot and would help with priorities in
bug fixing.

Last years RB has grown in feature set and stability. All I want to
see is evolutionary upgrades as last several releases.

Peteris Krisjanis.

2008/6/9 Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki at>:
> 2008/6/9 Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at>:
>> I was a Banshee user for about 9 months or so.  That ended a year ago.
>> Unless it's changed,  Banshee only recognizes songs you have imported.  It
>> does not monitor directories for new songs, and especially not recursively.
> Yep, and for this very reason (and other similar big problems) I
> cannot understand the choice of F-Spot either, except that there is
> less competition for it (no Rhytmbox-like "equal or better, and
> stable" choice). F-Spot and Banshee are both "would be nice", but
> basically quite far from being really usable unless the user starts to
> use them from scratch and/or never uses any other programs to handle
> photos or music. Which is kind of what free software should not be
> about.
> Additionally, just for it to be noted even though Banshee is not going
> to be default anytime soon anyway, please do not even think of
> replacing Rhythmbox with a player that does not have the Jamendo and
> Magnatune integration it it. And same goes for the DAAP/DLAN/UPnP
> features.
> -Timo
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