Pidgin VNC integration

manish mahabir manish.mahabir at
Wed Jun 11 03:32:31 UTC 2008

It would be very useful if i could ask a person in my pidgin list to share
screen via VNC!

If we are able to provide live help to our friends in such a simple and easy
way, it would play crucial role in convincing our new friends to adopt
something as wonderful as linux.

I have used VNC on my lan to connect to my friend's computer and it is
pretty simple.But if we are behind a router with dynamic ip, things get
complicated.Port forwarding is something which everybody can't do.
Integrating vnc with pidgin with auto configuration of the router will make
things simple and idiot-proof. It's importance and usability can never be

I am not asking for something new.Just a better integration of existing
facilities can do wonders!
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