A better media player (was Re: Banshee by default in Intrepid)

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 01:11:08 UTC 2008

> At UDS, we actually looked hard at the experience of Music players and
> playing - and both Banshee and Rhythmbox fared very badly, and we were
> quite rude about both of them ;)
> The Banshee authors got a list via Jorge Castro, and Rhythmbox authors
> will be getting lots of bugs filed for them.
> Banshee needs to be demonstrably _better_ than Rhythmbox, right now it's
> only merely different.
> Scott

Judy out of curiosity, what were those which made it so low ranked?

One thing off the top of my head is that playing podcasts is a different
interface from playing other media. I can understand downloading them
being in its own place, and even there being a shortcut to play
downloaded items from the podcast download section, but in no media
player I have encountered do downloaded podcasts simply appear in the
same place as the rest of my media. What if, for example, I really like
60 Second Science and want those clips randomly placed in between my
music? --Can't do, unless I manually drag and drop from Podcasts to
Music Library. This is a similar foolishness to expecting the user to
know that History ´╗┐in a web browser is displayed in the sidebar, thus to
go to the View -> Sidebar menu to open that information. The user should
not have to care how the media came to be; all he should have to think
about is the media itself. Isn't that the point of media management

Not sure if a list of problems already exists, but if not it would be
useful to create one. There are definitely some problems in the design
these programs follow, and since both Rhythmbox and Banshee are
remarkably active projects I am sure some imaginative solutions could be

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