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Mark Fink schrieb:
> I just read this article:

Just FYI: Mark Shuttleworth just replied to the blog post:

"Canonical has not licensed codes from Microsoft for work with OEM’s on
the netbook remix. However, we almost certainly WILL license codecs from
any one of a number of sources - Real, Fluendo or others - so that users
of Ubuntu can legally play content in as many formats as possible. Those
codecs would be available alongside existing free software
implementations for users to choose, and some OEM’s may choose to bundle
them on their devices.

There is nothing in that which is a conspiracy, or bad for free
software. We already have reasonable free codecs, like Ogg, but there is
content out there which people have every right to access, and if they
need to purchase codecs in order to do so legally in their country then
we need to facilitate that. Of course, we also want to work to make sure
that open codecs become more widely adopted, and we want to work against
laws which are dumb enough to create artificial boundaries in an open,
digital world. But we are not here to encourage people to BREAK existing
law, nor are we here to to prevent people from exercising all of their
options. We are stronger when we make good arguments for freedom, not
when we impose particular behaviour. "

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