Banshee by default in Intrepid

Nergar nergar at
Mon Jun 9 07:20:03 UTC 2008

I don't think rhythmbox needs to be changed, AFAIK its Ipod support
comes from libpod, witch is the same for gtkpod, amarok and exaile. It
does an awesome work at playing music and also works great if you need
to manage your library. It would be nice to change it for amarok but all
the kde dependencies take it out of the question.

Banshee 1.0 looks very nice but that's not enough of a reason to make it
the default music player in Ubuntu. 

Elisa is big NO until it gets to a more mature state. And even so, I
don't think we need it in the CD, maybe in a DVD.

On Sun, 2008-06-08 at 23:39 -0500, Luke L wrote:
> I was going to suggest Exaile, but at the moment it has a memory leak
> that gets worse as it plays more music (it was taking up 800 MB!). I
> know that I do not like Rhythmbox's layout or playlist functionality.
> I like Amarok better than RB, but Ama doesn't detect my media keys on
> my laptop like RB does.
> Exaile is the best of Ama and RB put together. Banshee is mono, which
> while not an apocalyptic evil, is not what I would prefer. Of course,
> that's why we can choose what to install from the repos.
> Elisa should not be the only media player included in Intrepid or ANY
> release. It's a great HTPC sort of software, but not as a casual, run
> in the background sort of player.
> Full disclosure: I only tried Banshee once, briefly, and it was buggy
> as Hell. Memory aside, Exaile should be looked at. I don't know about
> its iPod support, though.
> -- 
> Luke L.

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