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On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 12:39 AM, Luke L <lukehasnoname at> wrote:

> Full disclosure: I only tried Banshee once, briefly, and it was buggy
> as Hell. Memory aside, Exaile should be looked at. I don't know about
> its iPod support, though.

I was a Banshee user for about 9 months or so.  That ended a year ago.
Unless it's changed,  Banshee only recognizes songs you have imported.  It
does not monitor directories for new songs, and especially not recursively.
I'd tell it ~/Music was my library, and then if I ripped using Sound Juicer,
it wouldn't show them.  If I told it to re-import ~/Music because I didn't
want to go through and import each new directory individually, it'd complain
that a bunch of the songs were already imported and fail.  Editing the ID3
tags only changed the info in the Banshee db.  It did not update the ID3
tags in the actual music files, which is kind of stupid, IMO.  Oh, and the
argument that it can rip so you don't need Sound Juicer...I'm fairly certain
that it uses Sound Juicer as its backend for ripping anyway.  Maybe some of
this stuff has changed.  It's been a year.

Then I tried Songbird.  No album art support.  Also not so great directory
monitoring.  It's podcast support is "wonky."  It refuses to accept "I want
this episode, that episode, and that episode, but not this, this or that
one."  It downloads all episodes regardless.  You stop them, and then next
time it starts, it forgets that you told it to skip those episodes. real problems that I recall, but I don't like the interface too
much.  I'm not a fan of that sideways tab thing Amarok has, so... One of the
coolest things I thought it had going on was that you could install new
"themes" that rearranged the widgets...and then the interface improved :)
Unlike Rhythmbox, it does have an EQ.  Unfortunately, using the EQ kills the
volume level.  You have to put all EQ sliders at the top to get full volume
again, and then...what's the point of the EQ thing if you're doing that?

I've stuck to Rhythmbox for the last 9 months.  It handles situations like
ripping music into its directory just fine.  It autodetects the new songs
and adds them, even if they're nested in a few directories. Album art is
generally handled well, though occasionally it'll pull down some weird/wrong
album art from the internet.  I've used it for iPods and USB-Mass-Storage
devices just fine.  DAAP works fine.  No problems at all, really.  It
definitely improved a lot between Dapper (when I ditched it for Banshee) and
Gutsy (when I tried it again).  Party mode (where it turns into a kiosk so
nobody messes with your system) is also a very nice feature that I don't
recall seeing in any of the others.  I just kind of wish it had some nicer
visualization things.

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