Banshee by default in Intrepid

Darren Albers dalbers at
Sun Jun 8 18:43:52 UTC 2008

Since F-Spot is installed by default Mono is now part of the base
install.  So outside of all the debate around Mono, have we considered
installing Banshee as the default media player in Intrepid now that
Banshee 1.0 is released?

There are a couple of positives to using Banshee by default over Rhythmbox:
1) Complete iPod support (Rythmbox only supports reading from iPods)
2) Large support for reading and writing from various media players.
3) Integration with Brasero for burning audio disks
4) Can rip audio from CD's
5) Built-in support for

1) Seems to have more dependencies than Rythmbox
2) To have the iPod support we need Podsleuth.
3) Banshee uses up around twice as much memory as Rythmbox: 45 megs to
23 megs on my system.
4) Rythmbox has more out of the box streaming audio sites.

If we use Banshee we can get rid of Sound Juicer and gain iPod support
out of the box.   If we use Banshee we can say to people: "Yes, your
iPod or other digital music player will work out of the box.  Just
plug it in and go."

I know this will trigger a huge debate on Mono but that really is
off-topic since the decision to use F-Spot in Hardy brought Mono in.

If there is some positive feedback to this I can write up a spec on launchpad.


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