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Alexandre Conrad aconrad.tlv at
Sun Jun 8 17:39:27 UTC 2008


I'm not sure I'm on the correct list here.

I'm trying to setup a customized CD for future installations on a large 
number of computers. During the installation, I'll have no network, so I 
can only depend on CD.

Basicly, I:
- copied the original Xubuntu CD on disk
- added a preseed file under /preseed/myseed.seed
- created an /extra/ folder where I have wrote a "" 
script that's ran from the pressed/late_command statement.
- hold a few .deb packages downloaded from ubuntu mirrors as they are 
not available on the original CD.
- tweaked /isolinux/isolinux.cfg to boot on my customized preseed file.

Other than that, I haven't changed the CD's original structure. From 
which I generate and burn an ISO file.

I'd like to know which tool I should use in my .sh script to install 
extra debs I have downloaded. I used "udpkg -i mydeb.deb", but its being 
installed in the CD's environement and not under /target/, which is 
where the OS is installed.

I have tried putting the downloaded extra debs under the CD's /pool/ 
structure, but it's really a pain having to rebuild "Packages" files, 
create a gpg key, like if it was a whole new distro. I failed doing this 
  multiple times and I'm running out of time trying to figure out how to 
make it right.

So any help would be appreciated. If I'm on the wrong list, please be 
kind to point to the right one. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
Alexandre CONRAD

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