making deals with MS

Nergar nergar at
Sun Jun 8 08:11:09 UTC 2008

Dear Mark Fink

I would like you to reconsider your concept of Open Source and the
reason why you are using Linux. You don't seem to understand the
philosophy behind free software.

Foss is all about choice so if you don't like it here you can very well
use OpenBSD or anything else, but you *NEVER* talk trash about a (very
active and productive) Linux developer who uses Windows, no matter who
you are. You are free to hate and not use any Windows product but if you
want to be a respected community member you must respect the likes and
dislikes of other people.

Now, if you could show some legal proof and remain respectful, you would
be considered more seriously, please understand that a (very biased)
blog is not the most acceptable source of information, and don't get me
started with IRC conversations. AFAIK mono is just a reimplementation in
Linux of a Microsoft technology, its not like we're using the Vista
kernel to power Ubuntu.

P.S. I'm not an native english speaker, so anyone please feel free to
correct any spelling or gramatical errors.

On Sat, 2008-06-07 at 21:53 -0400, Mark Fink wrote:

> just because I'm not a programmer doesn't mean my opinion isn't worth
> as much or more than yours (I'm clearly better informed about these
> issues having read boycottnovell and having discussed issues with Roy
> himself).
> As far as Richard Johnson being a core-dev, sounds pretty scary that
> you let someone so in love with Microvell to contaminate Ubuntu.

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