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Sun Jun 8 02:56:44 UTC 2008

I'm not normally subscribed to this list, so excuse my thread-breaking

I just heard about this on irc

> Are you sure they didn't just license them through Fluendo? IRC logs
> are not the most reliable source for information and it seems most
> likely that they would get the licenses from Fluendo since that is the
> only source that I am aware of for licensing codecs under linux.

People who trust BoycottNovell's integrity are not known for their desire to
get all of the facts before they make public accusations about things (seems
to be a disease that they all, including Roy Schestowitz - the leader of
their cult, is cursed with).

Similar trolling occurred on the Fedora lists a few weeks ago by another guy
affiliated with BoycottNovell (Keith G. Robertson-Turner), again, being
completely clueless about the actual facts before he threw a temper tantrum.

That said, I'd like to take the time to point folks out to this little gem
by our wonderful friend, Mark Fink:

(Should be a good laugh to read that thread)

Some of you may also be interested in a video I saw linked from a few weeks ago about surviving "poisonous people"
like these boycottnovell trolls:

I personally found this video very educational.

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