making deals with M$

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Jun 8 02:12:18 UTC 2008

On Saturday 07 June 2008 21:53:10 Mark Fink wrote:

> just because I'm not a programmer doesn't mean my opinion isn't worth
> as much or more than yours ...

Forgot to respond to this point ...

Actually it does, sort of.  Not that you aren't a programmer.  I'm not much of 
one myself.  That you don't actually appear to be doing anything to make 
Ubuntu better (if you are, feel free to provide some information) makes a 
difference.  Generally in Free software projects, the opinions of people 
actually doing the work are considered more relevant than the complaints of 
random strangers who don't do any actual work on the project.  

That may not be right in some moral sense and I'm reasonably certain it's not 
fair, but that's the way most projects seem to work.

Scott K

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