Subversion update

Emmet Hikory persia at
Mon Jul 21 15:50:08 UTC 2008

Christoph Korn wrote:
> I have created a debian package for subversion 1.5.0.

    Unless there are substantive differences in packaging that are
expected to break things, please use the backports process (1) to
provide this type of update.  There are four reasons this is
preferred: firstly, backports are made available for all
architectures, rather than just i386, amd64, and lpia; secondly,
backports are reviewed by some of the same people who upload to Ubuntu
are are less likely to cause issues than arbitrary PPA packages (yours
may be perfect, but it is dangerous for users to trust arbitrary PPAs,
as there is no guarantee a given package will not e.g. install a
rootkit); thirdly, because packaging for backports allows users to
check a single common place for this type of update; and lastly
because ha vig a single common repository for backports reduces
duplicate work between groups who may not share communication



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