Feature Request: Better partitioning wizard

Steve Goodman steve at dontfeedthegoat.com
Tue Jul 8 11:28:58 UTC 2008

I just got a new computer and wanted to try Ubuntu 8.04 on it. It was very
easy to install and I got up and running pretty quickly. I'm hopeful that
we'll be able to stay on Ubuntu and not switch back to WinXP. Mostly, the
computer is used by my wife and kids, who are far far from anything beyond
basic computer literacy.

I myself am a technical writer with some ability to troubleshoot problems,
disassemble and reassemble a computer, move around in the command line a
bit, but by no means an expert.

So here's my request: The partitioning wizard that I was presented with
during installation gave me two options: automatic and manual. I knew
nothing about partitioning or about different Linux file systems when I
installed, so I just did automatic. Since then I have read that a good
practice is to have a partition for the OS + apps and a separate partition
for user data (HOME). So I request that you make the partitioning wizard
guide me through that. It doesn't make sense that you only give the options
of automatic or full manual without any kind of explanation or guidance
unless you make "automatic" conform to best practices. I think something
better would be to add an option that is not full automatic, but provides me
with guidance, unlike the manual. Now I'm trying to figure out how to
repartition my drive to align with this practice, and I hope I won't have to
reinstall everything. (Any guidance on this subject would make me very

That would be one more step in the direction of making Ubuntu a good
replacement for Windows.

Congrats on a great product. I'm really pretty happy in general, so far
(have to have that caveat for the next couple of months).

Steve Goodman
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