LTS and release methodology

Alexander Jones alex at
Mon Jul 7 18:06:26 UTC 2008

2008/7/7 Luke L <lukehasnoname at>:
> ---Using a previous release as a "beta" for an LTS: Instead of syncing
> packages with debian-sid on an LTS, use the packages from the LTS-1
> release to find bugs and security holes. That way, when someone gets
> the LTS, they know it's been through the wringer. This would be much
> better than telling everyone they're getting an LTS when they should
> really wait for the first point release to get patches.

Aside the version number, isn't that just like waiting 6 months on an
LTS we already have? We're not going to dress up 8.04 as a new fancy
release come October, but that's the only difference I think.

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