LTS and release methodology

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Mon Jul 7 17:48:03 UTC 2008

Il giorno lun, 07/07/2008 alle 18.04 +0100, Matt Zimmerman ha scritto:
> Instead, we focus on defining a subset of functionality which can be
> tested
> in practice.  You can find the corresponding test plans here:
> along with instructions for how you
> can
> participate in the testing effort and find the problems which matter
> to you.

I think I can add two notices:

1) what about giving really high priority to _regressions_ of these test
cases? For example pdf printing has been and is broken in ubuntu since I
think one year or so, due to evince not being capable of printing
correctly many (but not all) of these files. This means the LTS does
*not* pass the test cases.

The bug

is open but stuck in a dead end. This bug must be paid a much greater
attention than it is now: I have to teach people to install acrobat
reader, that sucks on linux in any point except for its very good
printing abilities. People will _not_ use ubuntu if they can't print pdf
files. Indeed, any regression regarding such basic functionality as the
thest cases you kindly provided should be given a very high importance
for the quality of the distribution.

2) What about adding some basic hardware testing to these test cases?
For example, vga out support never survives a release or two before
being killed by X progressing, in my experience, but it is very
important for the whole academic community which is one of the primary
targets of linux-based environments at the moment. As of now, I own
three different laptops, of different ages. For different bugs none of
them can project on a VGA projector in hardy, and ALL of them have been
able in past releases. This gives a very bad impression of ubuntu to


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