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On 2008/07/07 11:20 (GMT-0500) Jason Crain apparently typed:

> On Mon, July 7, 2008 9:59 am, Felix Miata wrote:

>> I'm well past my 15 partition limit in most of my machines. How to you do
>> it? Only 2-3 distros per machine? 8 disks per machine? Something else?

> There is LVM.  It has a high learning curve, though.

1-LVM is not cross-platform, so complicates further the already complicated
management of serious multiboot systems.

2-LVM is incompatible with systems on which already >15 partitions/HD exist.

3-+1 on the high LVM learning curve, particularly when trying to figure out
how to adapt systems that already have >15/HD, and adapt all the
backup/restore deps that don't accommodate or incorporate LVM.

>From what you wrote "set aside a spare partition for the OS, and perhaps one
for the virtual machine's swap...use these two partitions (not the entire
disk) as "raw" partitions...", I just don't see much possibility to have more
than about 3-4 "systems" per disk, if that many, using LVM. Most of my
systems have more than 6, including at least 2 that can't use LVM.

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> Really? Someone is still using OS2? :-)

You can too, as long as you don't mind paying for something worth having:
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